Help children in Colombia: Culture starts through playing

CONCHA DE COCO Foundation is the first non-profit organization in Cartagena, which supports centers and foundations that are working for the welfare of children in the Caribbean region of Colombia. Children who are at high risk of vulnerability and social inequities such as illegal labor, malnutrition, school dropout, neglect and domestic abuse.

In our Foundation we work with didactic resources, playtime and entertainment activities that include art as part of the creative development of children, especially, with the contributions from citizens of the world, committed people to helping these children, as you are.

Our 5 principles of motivation:

  • For children, culture emerges as a game: “Culture starts through playing”.
  • The game is not changed or transmuted into culture, but initially it is developed in the manner and in the spirit of the game itself.
  • Learning is as deep as the affection associated with the experience of which it has been created.
  • When the game starts the psychic mechanisms of creativity becomes a simple and a naturally growth engine for children.
  • The culture is based on the noble game and to develop its high quality of style and dignity however it cannot lose its playful content.

CONCHA DE COCO Foundation seeks economic support from people of any nationality, who wishes to make donations from $ 150 USD, (either just for one time only or for as many times as you can) so we can make cultural activities for children between 5 and 15 years old in the Caribbean of Colombia. When kids know that they are on the right track, they will want to continue being good citizens.

Contact us and we will tell you how to make a donation from anywhere in the world.

We can certify your support, do not hesitate. Children in northern Colombia are going to be very grateful.

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